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Our Beliefs

We believe Wealth Management is a repeating cycle of…

  • Evaluating our clients short term needs
  • Understanding their long term objectives
  • Recommending specific actions
  • Investing assets to meet those needs and objectives
  • Meeting regularly to evaluate progress and identify any new challenges or goals that are inevitable with life changes


  • We believe that consistent communication with our clients is the essential ingredient to successful long-term wealth management.
  • We believe that investing the time and energy to diligently answer the small questions can lead to BIG question answers.
  • We believe it is okay to say:” I don’t know, but I will find out.”
  • We believe successful long term wealth management requires proactive collaboration with our clients trusted advisors (tax professionals, attorneys, insurance providers, etc...)


  • We believe there is no investing: “silver bullet.” It is our role to effectively explain what we are recommending and why, so that clients can make intelligent and informed decisions.
  • We believe each client is unique with distinct needs, goals, and objectives. As such, we seek to customize our communications, wealth management and investing process to suit each family.
  • We believe the outcome of a long-term financial discipline is the privilege of having good financial CHOICES. Preserving the family’s ability to have high-quality future financial choices is essential to our team’s mission.
  • We strive to make decisions based on what we KNOW and not what we THINK.
  • We believe it is important for our investment process to be flexible so that we may respond immediately to changing client needs and objectives.

Mahurin Team Beliefs

  • It is our reaction to market fluctuation and not the market fluctuation themselves which often determine investing success.
  • We are not forecasters.
  • We prefer to average up and not down.
  • We seek consistent efficiency.
  • We define long-term as multi-generational.
  • We believe investments which consistently earn less than their dividends will inevitably disappoint.

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